Construction Plumbing in Tweed Heads

Construction Plumbing Tweed Heads

Commercial Construction Plumbing for Builders & Projects Managers

Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet provide reliable construction plumbing services for builders and project managers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. Our team of plumbing and gas professionals have a diverse range of experience in the commercial plumbing industry and are equipped to install everything from standard residential fittings through to custom-designed under-floor hydronic heating. As we’re based in Tweed Heads, we can attend to projects all across South-East Queensland and Northern NSW.


We’ve been servicing the local area for over eight years and our team bring decades of experience to the table. We work flexibly to suit your schedule and provide the attention to detail that the commercial building industry demands.


Give us a call on 1300 881 902 to speak directly to our managing director about what we can do for your project.


Residential complexes:

We can design and install custom plumbing systems for off-the-plan developments, townhouse and unit complexes from Brisbane to Byron Bay. Attention to detail goes into every plumbing system we design to ensure the longest lifespan possible, and we provide our clients a huge range of different plumbing fitting options to suit styling and budget requirements. If you’ve already got a plumbing system design in the plans, we’re ready for quick installation and setup at the drop of a hat.


commercial construction plumbing


Flexible scheduling:

On a large building site, we realise that schedules can quickly go out the window when bad weather or other disasters occur. To accommodate for this, we offer flexible scheduling for builders who require us immediately to fix up a problem or need to re-schedule later. We’re available for instant call-out and can work after hours to minimise downtime and other headaches.


When immediate assistance on-site isn’t required, we like to carefully collaborate in advance of when we’re needed to ensure everything goes to plan. We’ll call up beforehand to ensure the project is running on schedule so we can take care of plumbing and gas works without inconveniencing any other trades on site.


New Home Plumbing

Here at Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet, we offer efficient and cost-effective construction plumbing solutions for newly built homes. Whether you’ve financed and built your new home yourself or you’re a construction company that’s just completed a new home complex build, our team are here to provide you with the plumbing systems and services you need.


Equipped with an extensive range of state-of-the-art plumbing tools, we can work with you to install plumbing systems to your deadline and within an approved budget. We understand that new home projects have stringent building regulations that need to be met. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can comply with these regulations with ease, resulting in new homes that are fully kitted with the plumbing they need.


Construction Plumbing in Tweed Heads


Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

If your commercial premises or industrial site is in need of new plumbing, Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet is the perfect company to call. Backed by years of activity across the Tweed Heads area, we have ample practical experience and knowledge to conduct plumbing services on a range of different commercial buildings.


Our commercial and industrial plumbing services are reliable time and time again, whether you’re a business owner or a contracted construction company looking to outsource the responsibility of plumbing to a reputable company like us. We can tailor our plumbing services to your unique construction needs, whether you require a small-scale commercial plumbing fit-out or something on a larger scale.


Restaurant and Café Plumbing Fit-Outs

If you own a restaurant or cafe, you want to be completely confident that your plumbing system is safe for consumers and suitable for your commercial needs. That’s where we come in! At Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet, we offer restaurant and cafe plumbing fit-outs that are easy to maintain and use, leading to maximised efficiency throughout the workday.


Similarly, if you’re building a new restaurant or cafe venue, ensure that it’s adequately fitted with a contemporary plumbing system by entrusting our team to install a brand new fit-out. We’re confident that we can exceed your expectations and provide plumbing solutions that meet your project plans.


Restaurant Plumbing Tweed Heads


Office Buildings

Office buildings possibly house hundreds of employees every single day. That’s why having a functional plumbing system is of the utmost importance. At Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet we understand this, which is why we provide bespoke plumbing solutions to office buildings across Tweed Heads and the surrounding service areas.


Whether you want to upgrade your existing plumbing system for an office building or you’re looking to outsource the plumbing duty on a new office block to a company you can trust, Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet is the company to call.



What should I do if my construction company has a plumbing emergency?

If you’re in the middle of a construction project and you encounter a plumbing emergency, don’t waste any time. At Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet, we offer an immediate call-out service all across South-East Queensland and Northern NSW, including our base at Tweed Heads. Our expert team will be with you as soon as possible in order to provide the professional construction plumbing you need.


How do I know if you can provide plumbing for my construction project?

The best way to know for certain if we can carry out our plumbing services on your project is to get in touch! Our expert team will be happy to arrange a site visit or consultation to discuss your plumbing needs. However, it’s likely that we’ll be able to work something out! Thanks to years of experience covering all manners of domestic, commercial and industrial construction plumbing, we’re confident that we’ll be the company that meets your expectations.


Construction Plumbing

Get in touch with Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet to discuss our full range of commercial services or to make a booking. Call 1300 881 902