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Gas Fitter Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads Gas Installation and Heating

Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet are professional gas-fitters providing wider Tweed Heads gas installation, appliance installation and custom heating setup. Our team have serviced the Gold Coast – Byron Bay area for over eight years, and our qualified plumbing professionals have decades of experience amongst them. We perform everything from gas appliance replacement through to custom-designed floor heating installation.


For more information about our services or to book an inspection and quote at your best convenience, call us on 1300 881 902.


Gas installation:

We’re equipped to perform both LPG and natural gas installation and can take care of both the plumbing and appliance installation in-house. As certified gas-fitters, we’ll provide you with a certificate demonstrating that your house is safe and properly fitted according to Australian standards. If you’re after a natural gas installation, get in touch with us; we’ll guide you through what your service provider needs to do before we can install gas lines around your house.


Gas Fitter Tweed Heads


Natural Gas vs LPG:

The market for gas has changed over the years and more people are increasingly switching to LPG over Natural Gas, and there’s a number of reasons why. While Natural Gas has much cheaper volume charges when compared to LPG, the supply charges have changed dramatically over the years, often coming close to $1 per day. This means that LPG is often cheaper than natural gas over the long-term if you only use your heating for the oven and stovetop. Note that LPG burns differently to natural gas and the burners in your appliances will need to be changed to accommodate this.


Natural gas from a mains line does have its benefits, however. You don’t need to hide a bulky LPG tank and you have the peace of mind that it won’t suddenly run out (though most LPG providers deliver same-day and we can install a dual tank setup). Natural gas is recommended for larger families or properties more reliant on gas appliances. Call us to enquire.


Appliance installation:

We install everything from gas ovens and stoves through to fireplaces and integrated barbecues. As licensed gas-fitters, we can conduct conversions from mains to LPG on select models, and vice-versa; call us to enquire for more information.


Gas Fitting Tweed Heads


Heating systems:

Whether you’re looking to transform your outdoor entertaining area or want your living room feeling nice and toasty during winter, we’ve got you covered. We have extensive experience with gas heating system installation and can custom design a system tailored to your needs.


Types of gas heating we install include:

  • Gas fireplaces
  • Gas heaters
  • Gas pool heating
  • Underfloor heating


We’re one of few local plumbing and gas installers specialising in underfloor heating in Australia, with some of our plumbing team having installation experience in Europe. We use underfloor heating systems from Rehau, a renowned industry-leader in the heating industry, adapting German engineering for Australian conditions.


Rehau hydronic underfloor heating is designed to provide comfort without wasting energy. We’ve installed it everywhere from bathroom floors through to pool tiling and can implement it in a new home or as part of a renovation. Get in touch with us to learn more about underfloor heating installation and how we can adapt it to suit your needs.



Gas Installations and Heating

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