How To Fix These Plumbing Mistakes

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Having to call in the plumbers is something we all wish to avoid. Our first thought is always that we can fix whatever is wrong. It goes against the grain to hire someone to repair what is obviously dead easy to do. It’s only plumbing, right? Plumbers cost an arm and a leg, don’t they? Why waste your money on some bloke with a tool bag? You’ve got your own set of tools, so why not do it yourself? 

Unfortunately, the path to plumbing hell is paved with good intentions. Murphy’s Law- if it can go wrong, it probably will. Unless you have training in plumbing and know what you are doing, it’s odds on that you will make a mess of it. That’s our experience at Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet. We’ve had to clean up many Tweed plumbing disasters. For that reason, we would like to point out some common plumbing mistakes Tweed residents and how to solve them.

Drain Cleaner

We’ve all heard of that magical liquid substance called drain cleaner. Any time you have blockage or think you have because your water in draining away too slowly, it’s time to reach for the drain cleaner. It’s really good stuff, but unfortunately, it’s also very caustic and powerful. Invariably people use way too much of it. It is highly corrosive and will certainly damage your pipes and joints because you use far more than necessary. There are natural products that do the same job, but more slowly and don’t damage your plumbing.

Wrong Connections

Another common mistake when replacing a bit of piping is connecting copper piping with galvanized pipes. Where they touch each other, it leads to corrosion. Many amateurs get this wrong and set themselves up for future problems with the wrong installation. What is necessary is a dielectric union to join but separate the two. These joints contain a plastic sleeve and a rubber washer so they don’t touch.

Shut Off the Water

This is a laughable, but very common mistake made by plumbing DIY enthusiasts. In their enthusiasm and macho urge to prove that they can fix anything, they rush to get the job done, but forget to cut off the water at the mains and drain the system before working. Some don’t even know where the shut off valves are! Know where your valves are.

Call a Licensed Plumber

Above are just three very simple, but all too common mistakes that Tweed plumbing DIY enthusiasts make. Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet have been called out many times to deal with the consequences of them. Don’t make mistakes, call a plumber. You can contact us through our message page or simply give us a ring.

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