Silent Signs Your Tweed Coast Home’s Plumbing Has a Big Problem
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Silent Signs Home’s Plumbing Has a Big Problem

There are many signs your Tweed Coast plumbing is obviously in need of repair. That includes leaking and flooding. But did you know there are also some not so obvious signs that you need a plumber? When that happens, you need Plumb Jet and Gas Jet Plumbing and Gas Solutions. We can do a wide range of plumbing jobs, both large and small so that you never have to worry about a bigger problem. Here are some of the silent signs telling you to call us right away. 

Pipes that are Discoloured

You should inspect your pipes regularly so that you can detect a problem before it gets worse. If you happen to notice that your pipes are discoloured, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. This usually indicates that there is moisture where it shouldn’t be, such as that caused by a dripping sink or a leak in the main line. Letting this go can lead to broken pipes and flooding so get it taken care of right away.

Slow Drains

You might not think this is a big deal, but slow drains could be a pretty big problem. It probably means you have a blockage somewhere that needs to be removed. Leaving it for too long can make the blockage bigger and harder to dislodge. Slow drains are not something you should attempt to tackle yourself. It’s better to call us to have a look because the culprit could be tree roots in the sewer line, which requires a professional to take care of. 

Bigger Than Average Water Bills

If you are suddenly getting water bills that are significantly higher than they usually are, there’s definitely something going on with your plumbing system. If you aren’t using more water than normal, you probably have a leak somewhere. A running toilet is a common cause of a spike in your water bill as well. We can diagnose and repair both of these issues for you. 

Green Spots in the Garden

Have you noticed a patch of your grass that’s greener than the rest? This indicates a potential problem with your sewer line. A leaking sewer line can cause one section of the grass to turn a different colour and you’ll probably notice it between the house and the street, which is where most sewer lines run. You may also notice sunken patches of your garden. The sooner you fix this, the lower the risk of further problems with your plumbing system. Do you have any of these silent signs in your Tweed Coast plumbing?  Call Plumb Jet and Gas Jet Plumbing and Gas Solutions right away to get an obligation free quote.

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