What Is A Water Hammer And How To Stop It?
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What Is A Water Hammer And How To Stop It?


When you turn your taps on, you expect the quiet and soothing sound of water flowing from the fixture. If you get a sound like a death metal drummer has set up camp in your pipes instead, you may be the victim of a water hammer.

It can vary from a loud bang to several loud bangs, each preceded by an echoey sound through your household. If you hear noise when opening a tap, this is most likely the sound of air in the pipes.

Bangs are caused by shockwaves that cause pipes to move and strike each other or adjoining frames. When the pipes are not adequately supported or the valves wear out, the banging gets worse.

However, the noise isn’t merely annoying. A water hammer is an indication that your plumbing system may be damaged. In order to avoid permanent damage, you must fix the water hammer causes.


What causes water hammer?

Your mains pressure is a high-pressure flow of water that is halted whenever you turn off a tap. This causes the water to rapidly return back through your plumbing. If there are any existing problems, this to-and-fro process of pressurised water can lead to air pockets and the banging noise that you hear.

There is a range of different causes for water hammers, including loose or damaged pipes, work stop valves, clogged air chambers, water ripples caused by your float valve or even new appliances that may be causing issues with the solenoid valves.

To discover the cause of the banging in your pipes, a professional plumber will need to inspect all of the potential problems, isolate the issue and repair it.


Can a water hammer damage your pipes?

A water hammer, also known as surge flow, occurs when the volume of fluid in the pipe changes dramatically. The pressure in pipes can be extremely high, causing tremendous pressure on pipe supports. It can even cause sudden reversals of flow.

This serious problem causes erosion, damage to the pipes, valves, fittings, and can cause a pipe to burst when it occurs. If left unchecked, it can lead to damaged pipe racks and supports, as well as leaks at joints, which can cause catastrophic damage to your house or business.


What does a water hammer arrestor do?

There is a method you can use to stop or reduce the impact of a water hammer, including the installation of a water hammer arrestor. Devices such as these absorb the shock when rapid closing shutoff valves, dishwashers, and clothes washers suddenly interrupt water flow within a piping system. Taking this action prevents water hammers from damaging your property.


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